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Dina: CTF walkthrough


Name: Dina: 1
Date release: 10 Jul 2017

AuthorTouhid Shaikh

Contact: touhidshaikh22 [at] gmaill [dot] com
VM link

Note, the link to download the virtual system on VulnHub is not up to date. If you want to finish this CTF you have to download it from this link. Thanks for Touhid who provide me the good link after an short communication via emails.

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H.A.S.T.E 1: CTF walkthrough

Yesterday (14th October 2017) my leet guys, @ch3rn0byl and @H4v0k, decided to begin a new VulnHub VM, despite the late hour, I followed them.

I learned a new attack vector: SSI injection. Thanks.


  • ch3rn0byl: we just started the haste one if you want to do it (00:28)
  • [..snip..]
  • H4v0k: boot it up amon , sleep is for the weak (00:31)
  • ch3rn0byl: sleep is for the bitchesssssss (00:32)
  • [..snip..]
  • ch3rn0byl: fucking haste (02:38)

Note, if you want to learn more about windows exploit development you can read the ch3rn0byl’s blog: here.



Name: H.A.S.T.E: 1
Date release: 13 Sep 2017

Author: f1re_w1re
Series: H.A.S.T.E
Web page:

Aim: get any kind of shell in the system.

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