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Offensive Security PWK Course Review


One month ago I got my OSCP certification and I think writing this review is a way to honor and to thank the Offensive Security Team for his awesome work and for all the things that they allowed me to learn.


We are talking about PWK but what is it? 

Penetration Testing with Kali Linux is an online penetration testing course by the Offensive Security Team composed with a PDF, videos and a laboratory access time. With this course a student (after is training) can attempt the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) exam.


What can I learn with this course?

According to the Offensive Security Team:

  • How to use multiple information gathering techniques to identify and enumerate targets running various operating systems and services;
  • How to write basic scripts and tools to aid in the penetration testing process;
  • How to analyse, correct, modify, cross-compile, and port public exploit code;
  • How to successfully conduct both remote and client side attacks;
  • How to identify and exploit XSS, SQL injection, and file inclusion vulnerabilities in web applications;
  • How to deploy tunnelling techniques to bypass firewalls and
  • How to demonstrate creative problem solving and lateral thinking.

And according to me:

  • How to be humble;
  • How to improve your determination (how to try harder and harder);
  • How to write basic exploits in both windows and Linux systems (stack based buffer overflow);
  • How to write a professional and structured penetration testing report in order to better help a client and
  • A new mindset.
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